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We are excited you are interested in hiring an international student within your unit. International students can offer diverse perspectives and contributions to their roles and will help bring a new richness to your student employee team. These opportunities for students to work on campus are important as they prepare for internships and job opportunities in the USA or at home. 


International students on non-immigration F-1 or J-1 visa categories are supported through the Office of International Education and have certain immigration-based restrictions on the kinds of work they can and cannot do. On-campus employment is permitted for these students, but limited to 20 hours weekly of total employment on campus. The Office of International Education has an International Student Services team who works closely with these students and supports them in work authorizations, etc. If you, or your prospective student employee have questions about immigration restrictions or other matters, email or call 802-656-4296 to speak with an advisor. Or, check out the OIE website at



Hiring Process for Hiring International Students