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Thank you for hiring UVM students to work with you in your department. One of the most important pieces to a mutually successful work relationship for you and your students is a thorough and well thought out onboarding process. Students need and want to be clear about department protocols and what is expected of them. Many ‘issues’ and difficult conversations can be avoided by time being spent with on boarding your student employees.

A strong onboarding program:

  • Allows students to develop and become productive faster;

  • Must be flexible enough to meet individual needs;

  • Introduces students to the formal and informal culture, values and practices of the department and UVM as a whole;

  • Involves all team members including the student who also have a role and responsibility in making the on-boarding a success;

  • Has a positive impact on the student and their view of the UVM;

  • Gives students the tools necessary to excel in the organization;

  • Capitalizes on the motivation of new students;

  • Provides upfront expectations, leading to knowledgeable diligent students and reduces miscommunication which could lead to low productivity, errors, anxiety, and dependency on other staff;

  • Proper on-boarding reduces turnover and increased retention allowing for job satisfaction and increased job performance;

  • Ensures students are comfortable enough to ask questions;

  • Helps to achieve commitment to individual departments for returning students.

Please feel free to call or email the UVM Student Employment Office with any of your onboarding questions.


On-Boarding Checklist